Black Business Quarterly, better known as BBQ, is South Africa’s premier journal for black business leaders. It speaks directly to the top echelons of black business in the country, addressing matters such as economic growth, black empowerment and co-operation at national level and throughout the SADC regions. With readers ranging from the National African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Black Management Forum, to directors of JSE-listed companies, owners, CEOs and directors of black-owned companies and all SA embassies, BBQ strives to promote economic development, while creating an inclusive economy for all South Africans.

Black Business Quarterly

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Powerful, informative and resourceful, Energy Forecast provides a comprehensive coverage of all forms of energy, focusing not only on traditional fuel and nuclear power, but also on alternative sources that are ingenuously being developed around the African continent, with emphasis on water and climate changes.

Endorsed by the SA Oil and Gas Alliance, the South African Energy Efficiency, the Sustainable Energy Society or Southern Africa and the Southern African Photovoltaic Industry Association, the publication gives its clients the opportunity to easily deliver their message to their focused market and to share invaluable information through a powerful platform.

Explore South Africa magazine showcases Southern African tourism products and services (including corporate) for both the domestic and international tourism trade, providing clients with direct exposure to upmarket business and leisure travellers as well as foreign investors moving in and out of the country. The publication promotes South Africa as a quality holiday and business destination with content around business tourism, leisure & adventure travel, heritage and culture, health & wellness, sustainable tourism and stories from elsewhere in Southern Africa.

Explore South Africa

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A publication endorsed by Grain SA, Harvest SA aims to create a platform for the government, the private sector and the greater farming communities of South Africa to discuss a variety of issues that can contribute positively to food security, such as solutions to mitigating the impact of climate change, finding solutions to job creation, education, including women in all spheres of agriculture, combating land issues, community development, healthcare, alternative farming practices, government and corporate involvment. 



Our flagship publication, the award winning Leadership magazine, is one of the oldest and most prestigious magazines in South Africa. Founded by Hugh Murray in 1983, Leadership is the choice read for the country's business and political leaders, providing them with insightful and intelligent conversations. The magazine is aimed at dynamic middle and senior business managers and directors, entrepreneurs, the political class and those who aspire to leadership roles, across all sectors of economy.

Leadership has received numerous awards for the insights and analysys provided:


  • • 2011  Overall Business Magazine Design of the Year
  • • 2011 Business Magazine of the Year Final Nominee
  • • 2011 Business Magazine Editor of the Year Final Nominee
  • • 2011 Columist of the Year Final Nominee
  • • 2010 Business Magazine of the Year
  • • 2010 Business Magazine Editor of the Year
  • • 2010  Best Supplement of the Year (Leadership in Sport)
  • • 2010 Best Design and Layout of the Year Final Nominee
  • • 2010 Best Cover Design of the Year Final Nominee


  • • 2012 Best Cover Design Photograph Silver Award
  • • 2012 Best Global Single Issue 5th Place
  • • 2011 Best Global Single Issue Silver Award
  • • 2010 Best Global Single Issue Gold Award
  • • 2009 Best Global Single Issue 6th Place


  • • A record 14 Mondi Premier Awards


Endorsed by Project Management South Africa (PMSA), the body that represents project management professionals across all sectors, with members from a diverse cross section of industries and ethnic groups, the Project Manager communicates directly with the top players in this multi-disciplinary field, as well as the stakeholders whom they serve.

The Project Manager

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For more than 10 years, Road Ahead magazine has been providing valuable editorial content on subjects such as logistics, vehicle and component development and manufacturing, transport economics and efficiency, warehouse management and business solutions. The magazine is distributed to all members of the Road Freight Association (RFA), members of Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics SA (CILTSA), as well as relevant companies in the industry.

Incorporating Freight Intra Africa magazine, the distribution and audience includes Botswana (Botswana Hauliers Association), Kenya (Kenya Transport Association), Malawi (Road Transport Operators), Namibia (Namibia Logistics Association), South Africa (SA Association of Freight Forwarders), Tanzania (Tanzania Truck Owners’ Association), Zambia (Fedhaul), and Zimbabwe (Transport Operators Association).

Ship Year, an esteemed annual magzine, focuses on the latest developments, products and innovations across the full spectrum of the shipping and related industries. Features include a wide range of subject matter from piracy, oil and gas, logistics, skills development, repair and maintenance, health and safety, environmental issues, pleasure boats, water sports and many more. Invited specialists from the wide world of shipping give the inside track on breaking developments and trends. The magazine is distributed to the National Ports Authority and other relevant official institutions, as well as shipping companies, naval architects and engineers and other bodies involved in the shipping industry.

It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail. -- Gore Vidal