Cape Media Corporation excels in the art of business-to-business communication. Every product, every service, every project has a narrative and a corresponding audience.

At Cape Media, we know that success rests on telling the right people the right story at the right time. That's why our cross-platform, multimedia communications approach is so successful. Tell your story digitally or in print, in our specialist business-to-business publications. Tell your story face to face, at one of Cape Media's niche business events. Or create your unique success story with a cross platform Cape Media communications strategy tailored to your needs.

Cape Media Corporation

Cape Media Corporation (CMC) owns and publishes 16 specialist business-to-business magazines across 16 different sectors of the economy. This undoubtedly makes CMC one of South Africa’s leading niche marketing publishers.  We have 11 professional bodies endorsing 6 of our magazines - for example Project Management South Africa, representing the interest of project managers in South Africa, endorses PMSA.


This division of Cape Media Corporation offers numerous bespoke publishing solutions to fulfil most if not all the publishing needs of our clients. From publishing a cocktail guide to inhouse and customer magazines, we have done and can do it all.

Custom publishing

Cape Media Corporation owns and produces 5 of our own events. Headlining this list is our glittering BBQ Gala Dinner Awards. We also produce events on behalf of other stakeholders, most notably the City of Tshwane in recent times. These events include everything from conceptualisation, through sales, to the hosting of the event.

In-house Events

This subsidiary of Cape Media Corporation organises and manages events on behalf of clients on a contract and fee basis. This service includes sourcing the venue and all logistics on the day of the event. Some of our satisfied clients include BHP Billiton and GBC Health. 

Events Management

Every magazine that Cape Media Corporation owns and publishes has a dedicated website. These websites are updated daily with the latest news relevant to their own sectors.

A news bulletin is sent from each website to a niche database at least every fortnight. These newsletters reach a total of 128 500 recipients, these recipients are top decision makers in their respective fields.

The Cape Media digital team stays current with the fast evolving best practice in digital marketing and can offer tested strategies to leverage a print / event / digital mix that outperformes the same spend in any one channel.


Cape Media Corporation currently publishes a fully interactive digital edition of 10 of our magazines. This list is growing rapidly and we will soon have all our magazines published in this format. These editions are available as application downloads in the Apple i-store and the android market. According to Adobe we are definitely one of the trendsetters in this field.


Business Network Radio (BNR), is the latest of Cape Media Corporation's multi-media approach to business-to-business communication.  It is South Africa’s first committed business-to-business streaming audio station. Backing our informative business-to-business communications is a fantastic mix of classic tracks from decade-defining eras; music which you can listen to in your office, at home or when you are travelling and have access to streaming audio, so that you never miss an important announcement that is relevant to you and your business. 

Business Network Radio

Cape Media Corporation partners with several smaller media owners. 

If you are looking to turbocharge your media business or start a new one, contact us about an opportunity to get involved in one of our Rapid Enterprise Development (RED) programmes.

In line with our vision of continuing growth and expansion, we are always looking for exciting opportunities to invest in.


Cape Media Corporation

Cape Media Corporation is a leading business to business linkage specialist that utilises multi-platform marketing and networking programmes to facilitate B2B trade. Our publications and events are geared to achieve measurable results for our clients and over the years Cape Media has provided a balance between the interests of the private and public entities that drive the Southern African economic development agenda.


Cape Media publications offer thought provoking interviews, opinions & intelligence aimed at educating & informing top level decision makers in their respective fields.


The Events division conceptualises, constructs, organises and manages national and international conferences, summits and expos for a wide range of sponsors.


As popularity of mobile applications continues to rise, Cape Media steps into the technological age to bring you valuable knowledge at a touch of a button.

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